fullcast.io formed in 2017 to solve the challenges of aligning sales planning to operational execution in high-growth companies.

Having led Sales Ops at both Salesforce and Microsoft, fullcast.io’s founders saw that much of the work Sales Ops teams do today could be automated, freeing time and resources.

Meet the fullcast.io team

Dharmesh Singh
Co-Founder, CEO
Bala Balabaskaran
Co-Founder, CTO
Sunny Rupani
Customer Success
Bryan Goodson
Customer Success
Greg Savage
Customer Success
Shilpa Sanghi
Data Desk
Sri Murty
Data Desk
Ranadheer Reddy
Krishna Sanghi
Venkatesh Konda
Ram Mohan
Samantha Jamwal
Tyler Simons
Head of Customer Success
Celvva Vetrivelu
Head of Engineering
Ananya Tomar
Product Management

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