ABOUT fullcast.io

Our vision is to be the sales operations partner to all organizations. We have a BOLD idea of automating the world of Sales Operations and elevating the role of the Sales Operations function to a strategic asset for our customers.

The company was founded on the premise that world class sales operations is critical to the growth of every company. The Sales model of the early 2000’s is gone and we are now in the industrial age of sales with role specialization at every touch point. This evolution and tech savvy buying combine to make sales more data driven than at any time in history. High performing sales teams need data and sales management needs to focus on selling, not system integration across multiple tools in the market. fullcast.io is the single partner working with you to be your one-stop sales operations support partner.

OUR Mission, Vision and Values

Align your sale go to market plan with your corporate strategy, goals, and past sales performance.

Customer Success

The success of our customers is the passion that drives us. We are fanatical about giving our customers the unfair advantage because they’ve chosen to partner with us.


This is a paradigm that drives our product philosophy. We strive to make things simple, easy to understand, and straight forward.


We will work very hard to earn the Trust of our customers, partners and our team. We do this by being transparent and honest with all of our stakeholders.


Giving back to our community is a responsibility, not a choice. We are passionate belivers of the 1-1-1 Model.

Meet The Team

Trust and Transparency are the core tenets that glue us together.
We aspire to build long term relationships with our team, both employees and the customers. We believe listening to our customers helps us add value in defining our offering for our stakeholders. We are people who are passionate about our work, our families, and the mission of delivering world class Sales Operations support to every organization


Dharmesh Singh


Dharmesh Singh serves as CEO and is a co-founder of fullcast.io. He brings over 25 years of experience in sales, operations and engineering, building and selling enterprise solutions. His background includes managing operations teams at both Salesforce and Microsoft where he developed his passion for molding ideas into action. Dharmesh is always itching to do more than the resources at his disposal.


Bala Balabaskaran


Bala Balabaskaran serves as head of Product Development and is a co-founder of fullcast.io. Bala brings over 25 years experience in sales operations, information technology, and product development for companies like Salesforce, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. Bala is passionate about solving complex sales operations challenges that drive measurable growth in companies.


John Kelly


John Kelly serves as head of Marketing for fullcast.io. He brings 25 years marketing experience in marketing operations, product marketing, and corporate branding roles in both early stage and large technology companies. His background includes executive positions at Expedia Group, Valant Medical Solutions, and PayScale. John’s enthusiasm for any marketing topic is only matched by his love of scaling companies for growth.


Shannon Bruce


Shannon Bruce serves as head of Customer Success at fullcast.io. Shannon brings 9 years of solution consulting experience to fullcast.io. Her background includes work at Slalom Consulting and UBS Financial Services where she has served as Principle Consultant and Solution Architect, and Business Analyst. Shannon’s focus is crafting thoughtful solutions while driving efficient implementations for SMB through Enterprise companies.


Celvva Vetrivelu


Celvva Vetrivelu serves as head of Engineering for fullcast.io. He brings 14 years experience in development and running engineering teams in large and small organizations. Most recently, he ran the engineering team supporting the sales planning function at Salesforce and includes work at Hewlett Packard and Symantec corporation. Celvva focuses on developing fullcast.io’s sales ops planning and policy automation platform.


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