Case studies

How we’ve helped our customers scale their sales operations.

Chief Revenue Officer

Stay on top of key performance metrics to see how your plan is tracking to actuals for all roles from a territory to an individual.

Revenue Operations

Keep your GTM plan always aligned to all the changes in the field as people change roles / teams and join/depart the organization.

Sales Managers

Reduce the time it takes to make account and territory changes in the field without an ops execution dependency.

Sales Operations

Consolidate tools for routing etc and salesforce admin dependency for custom code and keep your CRM in sync with the ever changing GTM Plan and changes in the field.

Scaling sales operations with
The sales operations team was able to evaluate policy around current data and net-new data to drive decisions that guaranteed the quotes assigned were reasonable, which in the long run ensured reps felt empowered to win deals.
Scaling sales operations with
Zones was able to view all data in one place and create sales plans that incorporated all stakeholders in real time.

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