FastSpring is a SaaS company that provides an end-to-end payment processing, subscription management,and fulfillment solution for companies that develop SaaS, software, digital media, video games, e-books and more.FastSpring is based in Santa Barbara,CA and has 80 employees.


From building a foundation to constructing an over arching strategy, a small company like FastSpring didn’t have the luxury of hiring a fully stacked sales operations team. As a result, sales leaders found themselves with limited capacity. Much of their time was spent putting out small fires that randomized their role and made them reactive rather than proactive leaders. This caused sales leaders to miss critical time with their customers during early stage sales conversations. FastSpring also struggled to meet and exceed high
demands from the board and executives. Sales ops leaders had no way of achieving next-level success because they had no way to measure how sales teams were performing against the sales plan. One factor was poor data, which hindered their ability to accurately forecast and report KPIs. Each time a rep was hired, the complexity of the forecast increased, especially within Salesforce.

Solution paired FastSpring with a business partner to assess their needs. The business partner helped toinstall's Motion Module to implement policies that set a strong foundation around data inSalesforce. This enabled FastSpring’s sales leadership to have confidence in forecasting, visibility into KPIs,and the ability to see their past performance, current metrics, and future projections. Implementing astructured and systematic method of forecasting was necessary to align teams with goals and set properexpectations to the board. helped FastSpring meet board expectations, develop a hiring plan, andgive visibility into their growth and scalability.


Through an implementation of policy and data, was able to identify areas in the funnel that led tocompany success and failure. Additionally, FastSpring used's Motion Module to offload manualSalesforce related tasks, which allowed the sales ops team to develop relationships with customers, meettheir sales goals, and pivot quickly.“Thinking back to life prior to, I was struggling with a new, fast growing company. We were trying to scaleat that size, and didn’t have the budget or luxury of having anyone else help us with Sales Operations. From buildingthe foundation to the overall strategy, I was responsible for entering a new field or requiring a reason on Closed Lost.Thanks to, I was able to spend more time with our customers to understand our offering and less timethinking about the nitty gritty details in Salesforce while we were scaling.”Brian Deignan, VP of Sales Operations

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