Mode is a collaborative analytics software that provides data analysis and visualization tools all in one place. Based in San Francisco, CA, they have 100 employees and a sales team of 15 people.


Mode’s CRM database was full of bad account data. They had over 10,000 duplicate accounts and over 20,000 junk accounts that had accumulated after years of use. They were using Clearbit to enrich data, but because of bad existing account data, the information wasn’t accurately identifying ideal customer profiles (ICP).


Mode enlisted to solve its data crisis. leveraged Data Desk Premium Service, business partner, and policies from the Motion Module to clean up existing accounts and buildan infrastructure of policies to prevent creating further bad data. Using Data Desk Premium Service, the’s business partner deduped Mode’s accounts andremoved all junk accounts from their CRM. Using the Motion Module, implemented automatedpolicies to govern deduplication workflow, required account fields to be completed, and set dataaugmentation rules in the CRM. These policies prevented the future creation of duplicate and junkaccounts. The business partner and Data Desk team also built additional fields in the accountobject that could be enriched by Clearbit to capture more comprehensive data and build out the completeaccount picture for Mode’s sales team.


After deduping and cleaning out accounts, Mode reduced its CRM records from 50,000 accounts to just over 20,000accounts. Each bad record of data costs companies an estimated $100 in lost selling time. Eliminating 30,000 badaccount records saved Mode $3,000,0000 (Footnote 1).In addition to having a cleaner database, Data Desk also saved Mode’s reps time and effort. Time spent correctingbad accounts and augmenting data costs sales reps up to 27 percent of their time, an average of 546 hours per salesrep each year (Footnote 2).With Data Desk, Mode’s sales reps no longer have to check multiple accounts to identify the master account and canquickly find accounts to target. With 13 sales reps on the team, saved Mode a total of 7,098 hours of repwork that can now be spent selling. Data enriched with Clearbit now builds a more complete account profile andallows Mode to accurately identify ICP accounts in its system. Leads are now accurately matched to the correctaccount and assigned to the right rep since there are no longer duplicate accounts. Most CRM databases grow at arate of 40 percent a year, with 20 percent of the CRM consisting of bad data. With automated data enrichment andhygiene policies in place, Mode’s CRM can grow at the industry rate without the 20 percent increase in bad data(Footnote 3)’s business partner, Data Desk Premium Service, and Motion Module saved Mode 7,098 of wasted hoursand $3,000,000 of the cost of bad data, resulting in an overall increase in revenue of 20 percent (Footnote 4).FootnotesFootnote 1: Jacob, Sharice. How Much is Bad Data Costing Your Company?, 2019.Footnote 2: Internet Wire. Bad Data Costs Companies $10,000 Annually per Inside Sales Rep, LeadJen Study Shows. Business Insights, June 2019.Footnote 3: Jacob, Sharice. How Much is Bad Data Costing Your Company?, 2019.Footnote 4: To protect Mode's financial data, this number is an industry average based on: Leopold, George. As Data Quality Declines, Costs Soar. datanami, December 2017.

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