After 30 years in business, Zones has established themselves as a $2 billion global IT company, offering IT solutions for network optimization, data center management, and digital infrastructure. Zones provides comprehensive IT solutions to customers globally with 1,900 world-wide employees.


The main challenge Zones faced was their national and international sales teams lacked a collaborative and effective method for leveraging data and making decisions during their sales planning process. The team members involved in planning worked from their own individual spreadsheets, and were unable to share data and plan changes in a timely, collaborative way.

Additionally, the data they used in their planning was inconsistent and not always accurate. When they exported data to use in planning, managing that data in separate planning sheets created an error-prone and cumbersome process. Once the plan was complete, they would then re-upload the data into the CRM which took time to implement.

"My end objective is to provide a territory for every group here based upon their skillset, tenure, role, to provide an opportunity to be successful. I have much more analytical capabilities today to provide balanced books and equal opportunity to all sales people rather than a selective few. That is the main problem I have been trying to solve since I got here. How do I ensure someone new in the door can have equal opportunity?"
- John Shaffer, VP Sales Operations

Solution first partnered with Zones by leveraging a business partner to discuss Zones' strategic goals and challenges in planning. then provided Zones with the Design Module, centralized sales planning software that enables collaborative planning.

The Design Module allows CRM data to be used in one, central platform that is visible to all stakeholders in the planning process. This enabled Zones to have visibility into all versions and changes to their plan and keep the data in sync in their CRM.


Having a business partner address Zones' needs and utilizing the Design Module planning software gave Zones agility during the sales planning process. Because Zones was able to view all data in one place and create sales plans that incorporated all stakeholders in real time, Zones could make changes to the plan faster and have confidence that they were working off current, accurate data.

Using the Design Module enabled Zones to make changes to their go-to-market plan 25-30 percent faster. Their plan was based off of more accurate data which ensured their sales plan could be successfully executed. Changing how Zones approached their go-to-market planning enabled growth and streamlined efficiency." brought everything we needed for sales planning into one simple and collaborative platform, allowing my team to make changes in 25-30% less time."Sairam Anugula, Sales Planning and Operations at Zones

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