Meet Your RevOps Management Solution

Fullcast was built for RevOps leaders by RevOps leaders with a goal of bringing together all of the moving pieces of our clients’ sales go-to-market strategies and automating their execution.

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Our Mission

Fullcast’s mission is to empower and champion RevOps leaders to break down silos, drive revenue, and enact meaningful change across their organizations.

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Our Story

Throughout the 2010s, Bala Balabaskaran and Dharmesh Singh worked together at Microsoft and then at Salesforce in Sales Operations roles. Faced with 1500 spreadsheets, multiple data sources, too many point tools, and tons of bad data, they were constantly challenged to roll out their GTM plan before SKO.

Once the plan was launched, small issues like account moves were a constant struggle and grew exponentially as the team scaled. Each part of the GTM operations was executed by a different person using different tools, yielding a fragmented experience. This situation stymied Sales productivity and saddled the Ops team with innumerable manual tasks which took a huge toll - few Ops folks stayed on longer than a year.

They knew there had to be a better way. Bala led the first effort to automate planning and operations activities at Salesforce with exceptional results. The plan was delivered on time - a first in history - and while Sales headcount increased by 3X, there was no need to add Ops roles.

These problems are ubiquitous once a company hits a certain size. So Dharmesh and Bala took these learnings and built the Fullcast RevOps Platform, the first RevOps platform that integrates both the planning and execution phases of the GTM motion. Today, Fullcast helps RevOps teams at the world's leading companies execute their GTM plans flawlessly to drive sales success.

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Introducing Your RevOps Success Team

Our diverse team of engineers, customer success partners, and data analysts are here to ensure an optimal experience for your RevOps team, starting from your very first day using the Fullcast platform.

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Dharmesh Singh



Bala Balabaskaran


Customer Success

Tyler Simons

Head of Customer Success


Celvva Vetrivelu

Head of Engineering

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Marc Emmons

Head of Sales


Beth Pfefferle

 Head of Marketing

Customer Success

Bryan Goodson


Customer Success

Greg Savage


Customer Success

Sunny Rupani



Bhageerath Gajjala



Ram Mohan Reddy



Ranadheer Reddy Palle



Krishna Kanhiya Sanghi



Venkatesh Konda



Swayamsidha Panda



Samantha Jamwal



Sri Murty


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Ashley Kim



Scott Leverence


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Russell Palmer


marketing intern

Victoria Yefimets


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Isaac Yun



Prem Shankar



Lindsay Rober

Customer SucceSS

Leesa Tietjen



Jordan Murciano


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