August 28, 2019

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Sales Operations Platform for Salesforce

Complement your investment in Salesforce with This platform integrates with your Salesforce instance and enables sales, marketing, and customer success teams to build your go-to-market plan, track plan drift, and enforce policies to support your go-to-market on a collaborative platform.Teams using are able to cut their planning cycles by almost 30 percent, be more agile in responding to the changes in the market, and are more data driven when making sales plan decisions.The platform allows you to:

  • Define roles and track capacity
  • Build segmentation, territory, organization, and product design
  • Set collaborative quota and targets
  • Manage ongoing changes in resources
  • Plan your customer teams on an org chart
  • Visually map your territories
  • Manage account hierarchy, industry, and de-dupe through policies
  • Route accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities to match buyer journey
  • Automatically manage holdouts

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