December 18, 2019 Product Release December 2019


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Introducing: Plans's latest product release allows users to manage multiple sales plans in a single instance.

With the dynamic nature of sales organizations, it's important to be able to make changes to the current sales plan while planning for future sales cycles.’s new Plans functionality allows you to manage multiple sales plans within a single instance. Keeping only one 'active' plan which integrates with the CRM, users can make routine adjustments to assignments or do capacity planning when people leave or get hired into your org. Having other plans to represent different go-to-market strategies for future sales cycles can help sales management understand and make better data-driven decisions for their business.

Here we have an example of two plans being used side-by-side: one for FY2019 (active currently) and one for FY2020 (allowing users to plan for the next year side-by-side).

Each Plan includes all of the functionality existing in the Design, Rhythm, and Motion Modules. Users can create plans from scratch or clone an existing one to make adjustments. With all the information stored and presented within the application, users have a single source of truth for their data and can do away with the hassle of managing multiple spreadsheets.To learn more, contact, or schedule a demo on our website! Visit our support page to read more about our capabilities. See our previous product updates.

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