February 6, 2019

Growth Ops Summit: Breaking the 24 Month VP of Sales Lifecycle , Ted Wang

Ted Wang

Partner, Cowboy Ventures

Many organizations are caught in an endless cycle of sales leadership churn that results from unrealistic sales plan setting, poor understanding of sales process dynamics, disconnect between founder financial plans and the reality of market conditions. Much of this could be avoided if organizations emphasized performance to plan tracking over general metrics reporting.

From a board level perspective, successful sales operations follow the following: clear definition of ICP, a repetitive sales process, not underestimating RAMP, not having clean activity reporting procedures nor a disciplined approach to CRM utilization. In this talk, Ted Wang, Partner @ Cowboy Ventures, sheds light on the challenges organizations face with sales leadership. 

He shares candid insight on what happens when planning to execution are misaligned:

  • Why unrealistic plans are as bad as poor execution
  • Why companies that don't understand execution can't plan appropriately
  • Why companies who can't translate plans into action die
  • How to break the 24-month Sales VP cycle

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