February 6, 2019

Growth Ops Summit: Planning for Growth

Dorota Szeremeta

VP WW Sales Synergy & Programs & Enablement, Tableau

Quincy Darbyshire

VP, Valor Equity Partners

Before you can seriously talk about growing your company you need a well thought out GTM plan that includes the following: financial plan, resource allocation, role definition, hiring plan, ramp and enablement plan, territory assignment and account hierarchy commission rules. 

This workshop, led by Dorota Szeremeta and Quincy Darbyshire, describes all the elements of a well formulated Sales Plan for growing companies - both practical tips for planning and a high overview of how high growth can impact companies. 

  • Financial plan to resource allocation 
  • Hiring Plan, Roles, Ramp. (leverage Bessemer's SaaS hiring strategy) (3x3 dashboards)
  • Territories, Account Hierarchies 
  • Alignment with adjacent organizations

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