February 6, 2019

Growth Ops Summit: Policy Defined Operations: The Future of Operations

Bala Balabaskaran

Co-Founder & CTO, fullcast

Tyler Simons

Role, Company

A policy driven approach provides flexibility to deal with situations that arise during periods of high-growth or dynamic market environments. Policies are intended to change over time as they provide flexibility for change. Organizations that adopt a policy-based approach to sales operations will not build static systems (point in time solutions), and will not have to 'rebuild' the entire system in the future. 

In this talk, Tyler Simons and Bala Balabaskaran explain how policy-defined operations is the most progressive and effective of all operations. 

  • What is a policy? 
  • What is the difference between thinking policy vs rule? 
  • Why a policy approach provides flexibility in a dynamic growth environment 
  • How to think about your policies

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