Event: Process Optimization in RevOps

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This Fireside Chat is all about process optimization in RevOps! Charles Chen has nineteen years of management experience delivering process and operational excellence at Fortune 500 companies. He also has ten years of success as VP and Director increasing P&L margin, developing employee bench quality, and enhancing team morale.Charles is currently at ACV Auctions as Vice President, Sales Operations!

Here is a peek at what questions this Fireside Chat will include!

➤ If I know I have an audacious ARR goal and hiring people just isn’t going to get me there, how can process optimization help me get there?

➤ What is your approach to new processes?

➤ Do you have any tips for documenting as-is processes? What about keeping them up to date?

➤ After identifying the components leading up to an outcome, how do you prioritize which one to work on?

➤ Why do a root cause analysis? What is your recommendation for teams that want to do this, but don’t have a ton of extra resources? Is there a lightweight form of this?

➤ We were talking about focusing on one metric at a time. Can you explain what you mean by that?

➤ When rolling out a new process, do you have any tips for making it successful?

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