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January 11, 2022

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RevOps as a Philosophy

Jan 12, 2022

12pm EST | 9am PST

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The term RevOps is controversial- there's tons of disagreement about what it means and what its implications are. In this fireside chat, our guest Abhi Ingle will join us to discuss what it means for organizations to embrace it as a philosophy.

--> What does RevOps as a philosophy mean and how does that play out in different organizations and decision-making processes?
--> How does this philosophy come into play when there are unexpected changes in market conditions?
--> How can this philosophy lend itself to fostering adaptability and resilience at various levels - organization, team, and personal?
--> How does this philosophy factor in to facilitating large scale changes in GTM, e.g. shifting from region to industry

Organizing Sales / Revenue Operations for Global Growth

Jan 25, 2022

12pm EST | 9am PST

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If your company is looking to expand globally, having a solid operations plan in place will make the growth much smoother. Join us as we speak with Brian Selby about topics including:

--> How do you think about the tradeoffs between centralization and decentralization?
--> What’s better centralized vs with each region?

The A to Z of Territories for Growing Companies: Are your sales territories optimized for your people, programs or your profits?

Feb 8, 2022

3pm EST | 12pm PST

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In this fireside chat, we’ll discuss making the shift from to a geo territory-based GTM to something slightly different...with veteran sales leader, Randy Bernard.

Randy has a unique approach to creating balanced territories and it may look familiar, but it’s got a little more math behind it.

We’ll discuss questions such as:

--> Why did this current practice come about?
--> What are some approaches you’ve seen to doing territories that have / haven’t worked well?
--> What is your current best practice for setting up and managing territories?
--> When does it make sense to make changes to any territory model?

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