Still Planning in Excel?

Our Design Module is a multi-user platform for collaborative GTM strategy design with instant CRM implementation.

Segment Design
Create selling segments based on firmographic, needs-based, value-based, or geographic attributes. Define as many segments as you need.

Territory Design
Simplify territory design with point-and-click visual mapping, heat mapping, parent/child hierarchy display, and territory balancer.

Team Design
Define selling roles and organize team-based sales segments, nodes, and geography. Set hiring ramps, coverage plan, and temporary assignments.

Target Design
Set targets at the segment, team, or individual level. Compare to historical performance. Collect top-down and bottom-up feedback.


Collaborative Planning

Still planning out of Excel spreadsheets and shared drives? Plagued by version control and stakeholder alignment? Chasing final approvals and negotiating exceptions after execution?

Design's collaborative environment keeps all stakeholders working from the same information. Decisions are publicly captured for review and approved plans are automatically executed.


Top-Down and Bottom-Up Analysis

Challenged by the problems of top-down only planning? Struggling to avoid 'Ivory-Tower' thinking and executive misalignment? Don't have the time to do bi-directional planning?

The Design module enables you to easily compare both top-down and bottom-up plans side-by-side. Capture stakeholder comments. Drive alignment throughout all levels of your organization.


Territory Mapping

Do you know where your reps are truly selling? Struggling with misrouted leads? Manually configuring routing tables? Is your coverage plan all over the map?

Design enables you to visually take control of your worldwide territory planning down to the 5-digit level with simple point-and-click assignments and heat map overlays.


Territory Balancing

Do you have the right balance of reps to maximize your territory potential? What if you could balance your territories against any field in your CRM? Would your territories be fairer?

With Design, you compare the variables most important to your sales process. See current vs. proposed plan. Identify where your team dependency risks are and see whitespace potential.


Account Hierarchy

Trying to execute a true ABS process? Blocked by undefined parent/child relationships? Dealing with accidental cross-team selling? Have different sales rules for different market segments?

Design's account hierarchy and augmented taxonomy features set the policies that govern how your sales strategy assigns and routes accounts based on sales segment and sales role.