Software Defined Sales Operations

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The World Has Changed. Shouldn't Your Approach To Sales Ops Change Too?

The evolution of software defined processes has proven that the manual, time consuming tasks we once accepted as necessary can now be automated, and that we can expect far more from our systems than we ever thought possible. The platform brings the agility, time savings, and simplicity of software-defined processes to Sales Ops.

PLANNING TO SALES EXECUTION IN HOURS’s platform seamlessly integrates your planning to CRM execution process within a single application. Your approved sales plan is accurate pushed directly into your CRM in hours rather than weeks or months, ensuring your team is always selling to the latest plan.

100% SALES PLAN TO EXECUTION ALIGNMENT’s platform ensures that your CRM execution reflect your sales plan without gaps, miss configurations, or unexpected results. Avoid discovering CRM system limitation after the post-planning phase and the need for work-around configurations.


See all the key performance metrics needed to understand how your sales teams are performing against your sales plan. Track real time actual to plan at the team, segment, territory, and individual account executive level. Never be surprised by outcomes again.

Connecting Sales Planning to Operational Execution

The key to sales agility is shortening the planning to execution cycle, which until now, has required large sales ops and business planning teams. With, planning and execution happen in the same application, approved sales plans are pushed to execution in real-time, plan-to-actuals are always available, and there is never a gap between plan and execution.

Are you ready for unprecedented agility, reduced administrative workload, and 100% alignment between plan and execution?

`` freed me up to do my real
job, which is to help us grow``

– Brian Deigan
VP Sales – FastSpring

``I finally have total visibility into exactly what’s happening in sales, marketing, and customer success``

– Adrian Ivanov
CRO – SmartRecruiters

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