Motion Policy Builder

Motion Policy Builder is a Salesforce native system configuration application that enables your business partner to automatically configure the policies of your sales plan into your CRM system. Plans can be implemented within hours of approval, increasing selling time, and reducing organizational disruption.

Customer Data Management

  • Enforce governance on account and contact data
  • Automate maintenance of account hierarchy
  • Drive policy changes to account and contact status
  • Enable compliance through contact policy

Keep your system data governance policies in sync with your sales go to market strategy.

Improve Sales/Account Manager Productivity

  • Create task sequences based on best practices
  • Update task sequence to match sales policies
  • Measure completion rates to track impact
  • Reduce ramp time for new hires

Drive consistency in your sales processes as you scale & reduce data gaps in CRM.

Gain Operational Intelligence

  • Uncover account whitespace opportunity
  • Define policies that drive impact
  • Track growth metrics that matter
  • Identify areas that need fixing

Keep sales policies in sync with sales strategy by using performance data to iterate the policies.

Delivering the Right Information to the Right Resource

  • Policy based routing to match your go to market sales plan
  • Skill and role based routing
  • Update routing rules based on insights
  • Lead to account matching

Engage the resource most aligned with the customers buyer journey to maximize impact of every engagement.

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