31 Oct, 2018

Sales Planning, Reporting, and Usability: Feature Updates for October

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Happy Halloween! fullcast.io’s Spooky Product Updates

It’s been a busy month at fullcast.io as many of our customers start their sales planning process, identifying their capacity needs (how many people they’ll be hiring) and territory planning (where those people are going). The next few months are high-stakes as they prepare for year-in-reviews while preparing for next year.

In support of that, we’ve been working hard on our product offerings and are excited to share updates with all of you to help with your sales planning. Without further ado, here are the key new features we’ve added this month:

Salesforce Integration

Integrating Sales Strategy with execution is the top priority at fullcast.io. This month we automated our Salesforce integration, allowing customers to sync their planning platform with their Salesforce data and push the territory, team assignment, and quota targets they make in fullcast.io back into Salesforce. With this update, fullcast.io seamlessly integrates users’ strategy and planning on the fullcast.io software with the backend execution in their CRM instance.

CRM Modification Reports

Important to sales planning is staying on top of changes in data. To that effect, one of fullcast.io’s additional features in October highlights data changes that occur in our customers’ CRM system, so users who are planning on our platform have up-to-date views of the changes in their CRM system and can act immediately to incorporate those changes into their go-to-market plan. No more re-downloading account information into your excel spreadsheets or other databases – we’ve got you covered.

Balancer, Portfolio Change Reports

fullcast.io introduced a host of new planning-related reports to our platform, including two of particular note:

  • Balancer Report – as users edit their territory hierarchies and assign routing rules/individual accounts to segments and territories, our balancer report gives a clear view in real time of how territories stack up against each other. Stop moving accounts, changing tabs in excel, and refreshing pivot tables – this report shows everything you need to know as you do your planning updates.
  • Change Report – curious about how your portfolios are changing from the plan currently in your CRM to your proposed view for your next fiscal quarter or fiscal year? We’ve introduced a change report to summarize the edits made in the planning process. This allows you to not only to understand the amount of disruption happening, but also share with the sales teams.

General Usability Features

In addition to the updates above, we’ve done a few other improvements and tweaks, including some UI enhancements with our segmentation and target-setting modules. Password retrieval and management are also new, as are a host of new metrics to consider when creating territories.

So What’s Next?

We’d love to share more with you about our future plans. To do that, keep coming back to our blog page or sign up for our newsletter. Or, if you want to chat with someone at the company, fill out this form or send an email to info@fullcast.io.