Aligning Sales Plan Strategy to Operational Execution

Operational agility is key to driving hyper sales growth. Teams able to quickly respond to market changes win. Teams caught in endless planning-to-execution backlog lose. provides Sales Ops teams with unprecedented agility by linking sales plan design to CRM execution on a single platform. Sales Ops teams using can automatically update their CRM within hours of a plan change, rather than days, or weeks. No manual CRM configuration is needed, no matter how complex the update.

Platform Overview

The platform consists of three modules that can be used independently to address specific Sales Ops challenges, or together to provide a linked sales-plan-to-execution approach to Sales Ops.

Design Module
Sales Go-to-Market Planning

· Role Assignment
· Territory Design
· Team Organization
· Territory Balancer
· Quota Setting
· Plan Forecasting
· Scenario Building
· Multi-Market Planning

Rhythm Module
Plan-to-Performance Tracking

· Plan-to-Actual Tracking
· MBR/QBR Metrics
· Funnel Metrics
· Data Visualization
· Activity Reporting
· Custom Reporting
· Board-Level Reporting
· Export Performance Metrics

Motion Module
Sales Policy Enforcement

· Lead Routing Configuration
· Record Deduplication
· Account Assignments
· Pipeline Advancement Rules
· Discounts and Approvals
· Split/Holdback Rules
· GDPR Compliance
· ASC 606 Compliance

Optional Services

For Sales Ops teams that need additional CRM management or data cleaning support, provides CRM Desk and Data Desk services on a per-project basis.

CRM Desk

· CRM Administration
· CRM Architecture
· CRM Migration
· Custom Workflow Configuration
· Price Books, Discounting Rules

Data Desk

· Record Deduplication and Matching
· Account Hierarchy
· Industry Taxonomy Augmentation
· Data Integration
· Cleansing Account Data

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