Always Know The Business Rhythm

Visualize the key growth metrics that allow you to keep a pulse on the pace of your sales machine and its effectiveness to execute against your corporate goals.

Dashboards by Role

Define custom dashboards for key stakeholder roles (CRO, CFO, VP Sales, VP Sales Ops, HR) that display performance information most important to them.

Planning Dashboards

Track and report the impact of historical plan disruptions against plan forecast: what they were, when they occurred, and how they impact forecast.

QBR Dashboards

Instantly generate QBR metrics across each segment, territory, team, and product. Work directly from reportable dashboards or cut and paste into PowerPoint.

Enterprise Class Security

Set access permission visibility levels based on the individual or the role across your entire organization with enterprise class security


Attainment Failure

Don't fail to attain your sales plan for a reason you didn't see coming. Sales teams fail in both plan design and daily motion by:

  • Setting sales quotas too high

  • Underestimating time to hire

  • Not accounting for rep ramp

  • Assuming equal rep productivity

  • Not planning for rep attrition

  • Understaffing non-quota support roles

  • Poorly executing lead generation or utilization

  • Misjudging sales cycles

Track and analyze key assumption performance with Rhythm to understand sources of plan drift. Instantly know which action to take to get back on plan.


Plans vs. Performance

How are you doing against plan right now? Are you hiring fast enough? Which reps are at full productivity? Are your territories properly covered? Are you closing deals fast enough?


simplifies the task of tracking all the assumptions that make up your sales plan with real-time monitoring. Easily spot variation and drift before they become a problem.


MBOs and Pipeline

Do you know why your reps are missing quota? Are your sale managers effective at hiring, training, and coaching? Are you tracking at both the individual and team level?

With Rhythm

you can easily set and track MBOs. Uncover issues that are not visible in the pipeline. Hold sales managers accountable to goals. Measure the whole plan.


Plan Adjustments

How are adjustments impacting your plan? Can you do look-back analysis? Do you know the impact that slow hiring or changing segment values have on your overall plan?


easily compares the impact plan changes have versus the original plan so you can understand whether your decisions are achieving the results you are looking for. No more guessing.