fullcast.io Platform

fullcast.io’s core platform enables sales operations teams to collaboratively build their go-to-market strategies on a single integrated platform that has the capability to push approved policies and rules directly into their CRM.

By link planning with execution on a single platform, teams using fullcast.io are able to significantly reduce their execution time, while maintain 100% alignment between their sales plan and sales motion functions. This enables more time selling to the current plan, real time tracking of plan-to-actuals, and significantly less demand for sales admin CRM configuration resources.

Sales Planning Tool

The Sales Planning Tool provides you with powerful sales planning capacity. It syncs current user financial forecasts, sales performances, and territory structures into a single planning environment as users build their future GTM sales plan with key alignment features. Once the plan is completed, it can be pushed live via the fullcast.io Policy Builder Tool, saving weeks of Sales Ops configuration sales team reorganizing time. Key features of this tool:

Customer Segmentation and Territory Design

  • Customer Segmentation and Territory Design allows users to carve policy-driven territories, review critical business metrics, conduct forecasting analysis and initiate top-down and bottoms-up target setting. Users can align their coverage model to their go-to-market, no matter the industry, geography or account name.

Team Organization Design

  • Team Organization Design helps users align team role/coverage models with their GTM strategy. They can set targets for their teams and optimize their expense envelope to get the most out of their coverage model.

Product and Channel Design

  • Product and Channel Design enables users to build their GTM plan to optimize their channel and optimize channels and align product revenue by markets. Here, users can review business metrics as they relate to targets, assign resources to partner management roles, and track partner/channel metrics.

Roles and Assignments

  • Roles and Assignments are critical to the overall process. Users can define specific role coverage to match their GTM strategy with effective assigned dates. This design component splits and overlays planning and ramp profiles. It allows users to configure policies for assigned roles to territories and effective date for splits, holdout and multiple assignments.


Policy Execution Tool

  • The CRM Policy Tool is a Salesforce native system configuration application that enables automatic policy configuration of a user’s sales plan into a CRM system. Plans can be executed within hours of approval, increasing selling time, and reducing organizational disruption. Key features of this tool:

Customer Data Management

  • Customer Data Management allows users to enforce governance on account/contact data. It automates account hierarchy maintenance and drives policy changes to account and contact statuses. This keeps system data governance policies in sync with a user’s sales go-to-market strategy.

Improve Sales/ Account Management Productivity

  • Improve Sales/Account Manager Productivity by creating task sequences based on best practices. Users can update task sequences to match sales policies and measure completion rates to track effectiveness. Users can reduce ramp time for new hires and drive consistency in sales processes while scaling and & reducing data gaps in the CRM.

Gain Operational Intelligence

  • Gain Operational Intelligence by defining policies that drive impact. Users can track growth metrics that matter and identify areas that need fixing. This keeps sales policies in sync with sales strategy by using performance data to iterate the policies.

Deliver the Right Information to the Right Resource

  • Deliver the Right Information to the Right Resource by creating policy, skill and role based routing to match go-to-market sales plans. Update routing rules based on insights that lead to account matching. Engage the resource most aligned with the customers buyer journey to maximize the impact of every engagement.


fullcast.io Solutions

  • We believe modern sales organizations need a new kind of sales operations support. One that blends traditional system administration with highly skilled data management and business analysis skills. Our solution address the following common challenges that high growth sales organizations face:
  • Sales Planning: Align your sale go to market plan with your corporate strategy, goals, and past sales performance.
  • Data Governance: Get control of your prospect and customer databases across your CRM installation and maintain ongoing database health.
  • Process Automation & Architecture: Streamline the repetitive data entry tasks that slow down the sales, implementation and account management process.
  • Sales Compliance Ensure that your sales team follows the established sales processes you have defined for your CRM system with programmed policies and rules.


  • Fix Bad Account Data
  • Delete Accounts
  • Fix Bad Opportunity Data
  • Delete Opportunities
  • Fix Bad Lead Data
  • Mass updates and cleanup of data
  • Merge Duplicate Accounts
  • Cleanse Data using 3rd party
  • Buy and Add Lists for Accounts/Contacts
  • Merge Duplicate Opportunities
  • Merge Duplicate Leads


CRM Configuration, Reporting, Dashboards

  • Add/Change Workflows
  • Add/Change Email Templates
  • Add/Change Fields
  • Add/Change Validation Rules
  • Manage Sandboxes
  • Create/Modify Custom Report Types
  • Create/Change Standard Dashboards


User Management and Products

  • New User/ Change Roles
  • Enable Forecasting
  • Terminate User
  • Change Profile and Layouts
  • Add/Change Approval Delegation
  • New Product Introduction
  • Add/Change Price Book, Discounting Rules, Rules for Discounts

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