Sales Plan Designer

Sales Plan Designer provides you with a powerful sales planning tool that syncs your financial forecasts, past sales performance, and current territory structure into a single planning environment. Once your plan is completed, it can be pushed live via the Motion Policy Builder, saving weeks of Sales Ops configuration sales team reorganization time.

Customer Segmentation and Territory Design

  • Policy driven territory carving
  • Review business critical metrics
  • Conduct “what if” analysis
  • Top down and bottoms up target setting

Align your coverage model to your go to market model – industry, geography or named accounts.

Team Organization Design

  • Team coverage model aligned to GTM
  • Effective dating
  • MBO and KSO tracking actuals versus targets
  • Assign team roles

Set targets for teams, optimize your expense envelope to get the most out of your coverage model.

Product and Channel Design

  • Design your product and channel GTM strategy
  • Review business metrics to targets
  • Assign resources to partner management roles
  • Track partner and channel metrics

Build your GTM plan to optimize your channel and align products revenue by markets.

Roles and Assignments

  • Define role coverage to match GTM Strategy
  • Splits and overlay planning
  • Effective date assignments
  • Overlay ramp profiles

Configure policies for assignment of roles to territories and effective date for splits, holdouts and multiple assignments.

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