Aligning Sales Plan Strategy to Operational Execution

Operational agility is key to driving sales growth. Teams able to quickly respond to market changes win. Teams caught in endless planning-to-execution backlog lose. provides Sales Ops teams with unprecedented agility by linking sales plan design to its execution in the CRM on a single platform.

Introducing Software-Defined Ops

Software-defined ops translates intent (Plan) into operating procedures and protocol (Execution) by programmatically defined and executed business operations scenarios (policies) through application programming interfaces (API).

Sales Ops teams using can make changes to the go-to-market plan and automatically update their CRM within hours of a plan change, rather than weeks or months, and without requiring an army of consultants.

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What is a Policy?

A policy is a deliberate system of principles that guide decisions to achieve rational outcomes. A policy is a statement of intent and is implemented as a procedure or protocol.

Policies are expressed in programmatic form that can quickly be translated from your go-to-market design to your runtime by machines, effectively without the need for human intervention.

Typical sales operations policies include:

  • Data Policies
  • Compliance Policies
  • Sales Process Policies
  • People and Role Policies
  • Coverage and Routing Policies Sales Operations Platform

End-to-end sales operations platform that aligns your sales plan to your sales execution using a policy-driven approach powered by software-defined ops.


Stop planning in Excel. Collaboratively design your sales go-to-market plan on a dedicated sales planning platform that integrates with all your system data. Assign profiles, design segments, balance territories, and set targets. Push an approved plan to your CRM in hours.

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Avoid plan drift. See all the key performance metrics needed to understand how your sales teams are performing against your sales plan. Track actual to plan at the team, segment, territory, and individual level. Never be surprised.

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Ensure your CRM execution reflects your sales plan without gaps, missed configurations, or unexpected results. Avoid discovering CRM system limitation after the post-planning phase and eliminate the need for work-around configurations.

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