Better Sales Strategies, Powered by AI

Perform intricate sales territory planning, get intelligent insights, and make informed decisions to take your sales strategy to the next level.

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Connect Strategy and Operations With a Single Click

With full Salesforce automation, Fullcast enables you to plan and execute your sales strategies with the push of a button.

A sales planning UI design illustrating sales planning report

Perform complex sales territory planning and create segmentation models with ease using AI intelligence.

A sales planning UI design

Say goodbye to annual strategy meetings and keep your GTM plan aligned with changes in the field year round.

A sales planning UI design illustrating managing roles

Streamline the onboarding and assignment process to get new hires productive starting from their very first day on the job.

Plan Your Go-to-Market
Experience True Agility
Increase Employee Productivity
an illustration of ui. This illustration illustrates the concept syncing data with salesforce by showing the ui, a salesforce cloud and some arrows.

Automate Strategy Changes Directly to Salesforce

Optimize your GTM model and increase the ROI on Sales with the only RevOps software that fully automates with Salesforce to give you actionable, real-time insights into how well the team is executing against your strategy.

Run Complex “What If” Scenario Modeling

Model multiple planning scenarios to drive transparency and alignment across the entire organization, and execute on the selected GTM plan with a single click.

Custom Dashboards Let You Track Performance -to- Plan

Build and customize multiple dashboards to monitor each aspect of your sales strategy and execution, all organized into folders of your creation.


Why Agile Territory Management Outperforms Static Territory Planning

Instead of creating static GTM plans using obsolete methods, organizations can address change more seamlessly and effectively with agile Territory Management.

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Turn Territory Agility into a Competitive Advantage

Territory management is a core capability needed for sales force agility, enabling organizations to effectively navigate unpredictability and strategy changes.

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Design More Effective Territories to Win More Deals

Are you being asked to do more with less? Don't overlook territory design to improve sales performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my data and strategy information be secure with Fullcast?
Do I need any additional software to integrate with Salesforce?
How long will it take for changes to translate from Fullcast to Salesforce?
Can I assign territories based on non-geographic criteria?
Will changes in Salesforce (sales, pipeline changes, etc.) be reflected back to Fullcast automatically?