Build Balanced Territories in Minutes

SmartPlan enables RevOps teams to conduct complex territory planning using multiple metrics and KPIs - without the use of a single spreadsheet - in as little as 30 minutes.

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Design Attainable, Data-Driven Quota Plans

Say goodbye to low attainment numbers. Fullcast allows users to run unlimited scenario models at any point in the sales cycle, so every quota plan and target change is always fully backed by clean, intelligent data.

Move Beyond Geographic Territories

Easily build balanced territories based on any criteria such as number of accounts, ARR, account score, or any other field or metric that optimizes rep and company opportunity.

Minimize Disruption

...and rep dissatisfaction. Build your territories without disturbing any existing relationships, named accounts, or account hierarchies.

Deploy Instantly

When ready, automatically deploy your new territory plan into your CRM with the push of a button.


Beyond Geographic Territory Planning with SmartPlan

SmartPlan makes it possible to create balanced territory plans in minutes, no matter the complexity, reducing territory planning time by 10-20x.

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Webinar: Ten-Minute Territory Planning with SmartPlan

Watch this webinar to see how to save time and optimize productivity with Fullcast's powerful AI-driven territory planning engine, SmartPlan.

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Press Release: Fullcast Introduces Powerful “Smart” Territory Planning

AI-based territory planning engine, SmartPlan, reduces planning time by 10-20x

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share my plans, models, etc. with colleagues for collaboration?
Will my data and strategy information be secure with Fullcast?
Do I need any additional software to integrate with Salesforce?
How long will it take for changes to translate from Fullcast to Salesforce?
Can I assign territories based on non-geographic criteria?
Will changes in Salesforce (sales, pipeline changes, etc.) be reflected back to Fullcast automatically?