Why fullcast.io

Sales Operations Is Changing

Sales Ops is moving from a support function to a strategic GrowthOps driver. Best-in-class sales ops teams can help sales do more with the resources they have, while improving performance through optimization of the sales planning to execution process.

From Planning to Execution in Days

At fullcast.io, we believe that the biggest obstacle to scaling for growth results from separating the sales planning function from the sales execution function. In the traditional model the sales strategy and planning function is completed independently of the system configuration and execution process. The functions of sales planning and sales execution are done in silos with no feedback or ability to course correct. The sales plan is passed to the system administrators who are then responsible for formalizing the plan to the best of their ability. Often this process takes months, and is never perfect.

Until now, building a best-in-class sales operations function has required significant investment in people and tools. The more complex the sales operation, the greater the resource buildup. The fullcast.io solution takes a policy driven approach during the planning process that we are then able to translate into execution during the configuration phase. Powered by the fullcast.io Design and Motion platform, sales operations teams are able to integrate their sales go-to-market design with the core functions of CRM configuration. Our platform frees sales operations resources to focus on business management activities.

Building Continuous Agility

Running sales ops is a continuous cycle of planning, CRM configuration, daily management, and results review.  Reducing the time between planning and execution of the plan is key to building agility. fullcast.io’s GrowthOps platform streamlines the planning processes and automates configuration of the sales execution, enabling true agility.

Scaling Your CRM As You Grow

CRM systems are costly to maintain. As a sales organization grows, the demands on the CRM grow too, requiring system re-configuration. With the fullcast.io GrowthOps platform the core functionality need for growth is already in the system. Simply deploy your sales plan and let the platform do the rest.

No matter what your company’s size, fullcast.io is ready to be your sales ops growth partner.