Because Good Data is Clean Data

Fullcast ensures that you’re always basing vital business operations decisions on accurate, complete, and up-to-date Salesforce data. Just set up your data policies, and let Fullcast do the work.

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Get Access to Valuable, Clean Salesforce Data

It doesn’t matter how much data your sales CRM collects if the info it gathers is incorrect or incomplete. With fullcast, your team can implement policies that will increase data hygiene and allow you to make decisions based on valid, actionable insights.

an illustration showing the fullcast ui dashboards for policy execution

Organize Accounts According to Industry Taxonomy

Classify your account data according to the industry in which your clients operate. View industry data in a variety of custom charts, or broken down within a geographical map.

Keep Your Data Clean By Eliminating Duplicate Accounts

The first step to a cleaner data pool is to eliminate any duplicate accounts that might be floating around. Fullcast detects and deletes any duplicates the software comes across, before they skew your data.

an illustration showing the fullcast ui dashboards for policy creation


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Frequently Asked Questions

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