Introducing Design, Rhythm, and Motion

The sales planning and sales execution platform cuts the time it takes to implement and update sales plans by integrating the three primary sales operations functions of sales plan design, business rhythm management, and CRM motion configuration on a single platform.





Transforming Sales Operations into Growth Operations

Shorten the sales planning-to-execution cycle, by bringing sales strategy and sales execution together through the power of policy automation. Let us streamline what happens inside your CRM so you can focus your energy on the critical tasks of selling.

I am a CRO

Increase the revenue generation effectivity of your organization through process automation and real time visibility of your customer journeys across marketing, sales and customer support.

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I am a VP of Sales

Design, test, and duplicate your most effective sales approaches with automated modeling and sales policy enforcement across your sales teams.

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I am responsible for Sales Operations

Get control of your organization’s data quality model with truly automated data governance that enforces sales Go-to-Market policy adherence across the entire revenue generation organization.

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I am an Analyst/CRM Admin

Free your valuable time by automating repeatable tasks related to the day to day management of the sales team for consistent enforcement of your sales policies.

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Integrate Your Sales Plan With Your Corporate Growth Strategy

Reduce Execution Time

Define your go-to-market plan without data extracts to Excel. Push directly to your CRM when ready to publish.

Maintain your plan in one place. Set and monitor performance. Collaborate with plan builders.

Visualize Your Key Metrics

Keep a pulse on the pace of your sales machine’s effectiveness against your corporate goals.

See your entire sales funnel. Easily maintain data hygiene. Drive organizational alignment.

Reduce Data Admin Work

Reduce data administrative work for your sales reps with automated data handling and smart form completion.

Automated lead to renewal process. Establish policies for data quality. Reduce need for moves, adds and changes.

Out of the Box Integration

The platform has pre-built integrations to most well known business systems including your CRM, HR, and financial systems.

What Our Customers Say

The platform has brought to Fastspring world class sales operations for the price of a CRM admin. The attention to detail and the speed with which my sales operations infrastructure transformed has allowed me to spend my time focused on hiring and coaching the best sales team on the planet!
VP Sales, Fastspring
Brian Diegnan approach to automating sales operations is long overdue. Matching each buyer with the seller that has the highest propensity to successfully service that buyer's profile across the entire customer journey ensures the buyer experience exceeds their expectations.
Brian Perks
SVP Sales and Business Development, Owler

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Learn how Flowroute is able to better manage their pipeline, clearly forecast revenue, activate sales planning and operations best practices, and optimize Salesforce by partnering with

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