The Most Accurate Way to Route Your Leads

Fullcast's lead routing software automatically routes leads, accounts, cases (and more) in alignment with your GTM Plan

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Set It and Forget It

With a single platform for GTM planning and operations, you set your routing logic once. When account or territory changes occur, everything automatically stays in sync. No additional spreadsheets, code changes, or headaches required.

Streamline your RevOps Tech Stack

With one end-to-end GTM system, you spend less time and money configuring point tools, and more on strategy.

Customize Routing Policies

Create routing policies based on a number of different attributes (including territory, skills, role, logged-in status, and more), or assign leads on a turn-based round robin basis.

Track and Manage Holdouts

Track holdouts in the context of your go-to-market segments to enforce "stay in your lane" policies, prevent turf wars between reps, and split sales opportunities when needed.


The Secret Weapon for Customer Retention and Growth: Account Routing

Lead Routing gets all the attention. But if you really want to focus on a customer retention strategy, Account Routing is an excellent tool.

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Webinar: Solving Routing Challenges Across the End-to-End Revenue Engine

Build lead routing processes to align with your GTM plan and provide a seamless customer experience across the entire GTM lifecycle.

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Best Practices for Lead Routing

Lead routing is all about providing a great customer experience. Follow these tips to get any object to the right person at the right time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share my plans, models, etc. with colleagues for collaboration?
Will my data and strategy information be secure with Fullcast?
Do I need any additional software to integrate with Salesforce?
How long will it take for changes to translate from Fullcast to Salesforce?
Can I assign territories based on non-geographic criteria?
Will changes in Salesforce (sales, pipeline changes, etc.) be reflected back to Fullcast automatically?

RevOps Execution Policies

RevOps policies are the secret for GTM success. Well-executed policies keep your Ops processes predictable, fair and agile.

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